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Inspiring Confidence in Cloud Services - CSA STAR certification.

As cloud computing continues to grow it’s becoming essential to the way we do business. Organizations need to embrace the adoption of cloud in a way that minimizes risk, builds resilience and inspires confidence. That’s where best practice frameworks like CSA STAR can help.

CSA STAR is based on a control set known as the cloud control matrix (CCM). It was created and is owned by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a global industry body pioneering research and development in cloud security. Building upon the requirements of an ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system, it addresses issues specific to cloud computing and contains a management capability (maturity model) to help organizations continually drive improvement and enhance their cloud security.

  • How CSA STAR Certification can help you ?

 CSA STAR Certification brings big benefits to all companies of all sizes. Confidence, reputation and new business can come with CSA STAR Certification as more customers ask for proof of these measures. 

  • Wide-ranging and robust

.CSA STAR certification demonstrates that a Cloud service provider’s information security defences are robust and that specific issues critical to Cloud security have been addressed

  • A licence to trade

For the cloud service buyer, certification provides assurance of the cloud service provider’s competence to deliver secured services.

  • Provides top management with visibility of their Cloud assets so that they can evaluate the effectiveness of their management system in relation to the expectations of the Cloud security industry and ISO 27001

  • Implements an audit that is designed to reflect how well your organisation’s objectives are aligned with the optimisation of your Cloud services

  • Provides empirical evidence to assess progress and performance levels via an independently validated award from an external certified body

  • Benchmarks your performance against your peers

Additionally for customers of cloud service providers, CSA STAR Certification will provide a greater understanding of the level of controls that are in place.


“The CSA STAR certification offers a path to improvement that’s truly rigorous. And because it is audited by an independent body, it holds infinitely more weight than existing selfassessment/self-declaration models.” - a Saudi-based cloud service provider